Why travel solo with Vantage

“I found that wherever I am, there’s someone from Vantage taking care of me. I just feel comfortable, safe, and cared for… but with a lot of excitement and a lot of very interesting people.”

That’s how Deanne Gerstel described her experience as solo traveler with Vantage. And she’s not alone — thousands of solo travelers choose Vantage.

Why? Two things: value & environment. Here’s what you can expect as a Vantage solo traveler:

  • FREE Single Supplements on all departures on a first-come, first-served basis and the lowest-priced Single Supplements in the deluxe travel industry
  • FREE Single Supplements on many of our optional extensions
  • The most number of solo cabins in the deluxe cruise industry
  • Cruise Directors and Adventure Leaders who create a congenial, solo-friendly atmosphere
  • A trip filled with like-minded folks, including possible solo travelers like yourself
  • Deluxe accommodations in centrally located, safe locations

Whether you’re looking for an African safari, a cultural exploration in Cuba, a coastal cruise in Norway, or a river cruise in France — our top trips among solo travelers — Vantage offers solo travelers the best combination of value and experience in the deluxe travel industry.

Learn more about what make solo travel with Vantage such a great experience here.