Travel Tips You Never Knew

151ImageSome of the best travel tips we’ve collected for our booklet 151 Tips for Women Travelers have to do with ingenious uses for everyday householditems. Here are a few great ways to use things you have at home, when you leave home. (And by the way, these tips work just as well for gents on the go.)

Double duty dryer sheets

Who knew that dryer sheets could save the day in so many ways? First, they keep your suitcase smelling fresh, and reduce static cling for all the clothespacked inside. Tuck them in your sneakers or walking shoes to neutralize odors. Tie one through your belt loop, and you have an instant (and safe) insect repellent. Yes, the smell of a Bounce dryer sheet wards off mosquitos, flies, and other pesky bugs. Another great travel tip: use the dryer sheets to wipe the screen of your tablet cell phone, or other small electronic devices: it eliminates the static that attracts dust.

A little lavender goes a long way

Lavender is also said to repel mosquitoes and flies – just add it to your sunscreen bottle. But there are other uses for this multi-purpose herb: if you suffer from arthritis or just have had a heavy walking day that leaves your knees and ankles sore, rubbing lavender on them will soothe your aching joints. Got a headache? Rub lavender on your temples for some soothing relief. Stuffy nose? A few drops added to a bowl of steaming water helps unclog those sinuses. Adding a few drops of lavender to your shampoo promotes soft, shiny hair. And let’s not forget the scourge of hotel guests everywhere: bedbugs. Lavender oil or essence sprinkled on bedsheets will kill mites, lice, bedbugs, and other nasties.

Baking soda benefits

Finally, there’s baking soda. It’s the active ingredient in many common cleaning, health and beauty aids, but if you pack a small Ziploc bag full of it when you travel, here’s what you can do:

  • Dip your toothbrush in it for extra freshening and whitening
  • Add to water as a quick mouthwash
  • Use as a facial scrub and exfoliant
  • Pat under your arms as a deodorant
  • Make paste with water to treat bug bites
  • Add to cool water for a soothing foot soak
  • Mix with water as an antacid
  • Add to your shampoo to remove build up and residue

We’ll be sharing more travel tips in future posts, and invite you to submit your own, too!