Test your knowledge of what’s new in ancient Egypt

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Meanwhile, test your knowledge with our quiz about the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites that we visit on both journeys by reading the details of each first. Click here: Ancient Wonders: Egypt & the Nile Cruise or here: Luxury on the Nile: President’s 2018 Ancient Wonders of Egypt.

1The familiar three Pyramids of Giza on the edge of Cairo are part of a much larger UNESCO site known formally as Memphis and its Necropolis. In addition to the Pyramids and the Sphinx, you’ll visit another, even older, monument that is also part of the site. Which is it?

A) The Step Pyramid
B) Cleopatra’s Tomb
C) The Obelisk of John the Baptist


2The ancient center of Egypt’s largest city is a fascinating warren of covered streets, walls, market stalls, and fountains that was founded in the 10th century. Designated today as the Historic Cairo UNESCO World Heritage Site, it contains many fascinating examples of these houses of worship:

A) Churches
B) Synagogues
C) Mosques


3Far south of Cairo, you’ll encounter the UNESCO site known as the Nubian Monuments, named for the region along the upper Nile that was home to one of Africa’s earliest civilizations. After the Aswan High Dam was completed, the waters rising behind it threatened to submerge one of the most famous of these monuments, which was guarded by four massive statues of the pharaoh Ramses II. Ultimately, that temple and the one next to it, dedicated to the pharaoh’s queen, were saved in a dramatic rescue mission. Where are those temples:

A) Aswan
B) Abu Simbel
C) Luxor


4Some of Egypt’s most striking UNESCO World Heritage Sites, located along either side of the Nile near Luxor, are known as Ancient Thebes with Its Necropolis. On the East Bank of the Nile, you’ll visit the great temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor. On the West Bank, you’ll visit the area where King Tut’s tomb, as well as many others, was discovered. It’s called:

A) The Valley of the Kings
B) The Cemetery of the Pharaohs
C) The Mausoleum of Thebes



Answers: Question 1: A; Question 2: C; Question 3: B; Question 4: A