Marcia Jenkins Hosts a Rewarding Travel Party

Vantage Traveler Earned $2,300 By Sharing Her Experiences

Thanksgiving is about reflecting on the things for which we’re grateful. Friends and family, laughter, and the opportunity to celebrate with people we care about — these are all no doubt near the top of most lists. Also on the gratitude list for many of us: how fortunate we are to be able to travel.

Marcia Jenkins was grateful for all of these — and turned it into a fun party, some great travel-related conversation, and $2,300. How’d this happen? It started with Marcia’s enthusiasm about her France cruise with Vantage.

After returning from her first trip with Vantage, she was excitedly telling friends about her experience overseas. In fact, it often led to discussions about a mutual love of travel. Something occurred to Marcia: Why not bring all of her fellow travel-lovers together to share her experience?

“I got so tired of telling everyone how great our trip was that I decided to get all our friends together in one place,” she said. “That way, I could share how much we enjoyed our first river cruise!” So she decided to throw a Travel Party.

Marcia joined Vantage’s Diplomat Club – the program that allows Vantage travelers to earn rewards by referring friends — and went about setting up her soiree. Vantage helped her every step of the way as she planned the gathering — especially her Diplomat Club liaison Dustin Catuzzi. “Dustin was great,” commented Marcia. “Everything I requested, he got out to me as soon as possible… even when he was sick!”

When it came time for the party, the guests all gathered and mingled — there was no shortage of options for conversation in a group so passionate about travel. Marcia then gave a presentation, outlining her trip and the experiences she had. “[When] I would realize I hadn’t told them about something we really liked, I would add, ‘Oh, I just have to tell you about this!’ I’m sure I did that more than once. There were a few good-natured giggles at my expense.”

Marcia liked presenting, but her favorite part came after — when she was interacting with her friends. “The most enjoyable part was after I had finished my presentation,” said the New Castle, Pennsylvania resident. “Just answering questions and sitting and chatting. And of course having a glass of wine!”

When her friends asked her what she liked about Vantage the most, the answer was easy. “There is nothing left to chance. From the moment you step off the plane, until you are at the gate boarding the plane for your flight home,” she said. “Every detail is taken care of by Vantage. They adjust the itinerary to accommodate everyone’s needs.“

In the end, everyone had a great time — so great that many of them ended up booking trips of their own. As a result, Marcia earned $2,300 – just for sharing her love of travel. She recommends having a travel party as a way of connecting with friends and being rewarded at the same time, and has some advice for those who wish to plan a party: Make sure you try a trip yourself first. She knows her enthusiasm for the Vantage experience was helpful in convincing others to travel with the company.

And Marcia’s excitement continues to grow. “We’ve already booked a trip for next year!” she said.