Let these literary gems guide you to your next destination

There’s no better way to get inspired for your next trip than through a great read. Let our favorite travel reads take you on a literary journey you won’t soon forget. And who knows, you may discover your dream destination in the process!

1) West with the Night, Beryl Markham
Ever dreamed of having a pet zebra? Beryl Markham didn’t have to. As a young girl, Markham moved from England to Kenya with her father, a staggering change that would have been hard to swallow for just about anyone (besides her, that is.) Her childhood was spent exploring Africa’s one-of-a-kind landscapes and making friends with incredible animals; her adult life was spent embarking on aviary journeys and embodying the spirit of  true adventure. Filled with beauty and excitement, this classic tale is sure to ignite your passion for travel.

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2) McCarthy’s Bar, Pete McCarthy
Author Pete McCarthy has traveled all over the world, but has never encountered a place filled with magic quite like Ireland. He begins a journey across his mother’s homeland with only one rule: Never pass a bar that has your name on it. The result is a delightful story filled with enchanting landscapes, fascinating people, and unforgettable pubs.

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3) In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin
Unique in form (the book is divided into 97 short untitled pieces) and beautiful in style, In Patagonia is an extraordinary peek into a region still ripe with mystery to this day. Fueled by a passion for travel and a lust for life, Chatwin records his South American adventure in a collection of stories that birthed intrigue about Patagonia in the minds of his many readers during a time when South American travel was only beginning to blossom.

Revel in the cultural gems and natural beauty of this unique region on Across Patagonia: Chile’s Lakes, Mountains, & Wildlife.

4) Travels with Charley: In Search For America, John Steinbeck
Troubled by the idea that he’s fallen out of touch with the very country he’s been writing about all these years, Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck sets out to rediscover the heritage, culture, and people of America with his French poodle, Charley, in tow.

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5) Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson
When writer Bill Bryson was about to move back to America after 20 years in England, he set out to take one last trip around the country he had come to love, for all of its peculiarities and foibles. The result is an enlightening, deeply hilarious book that will have you itching to get on a plane and go. If you’ve read Bryson’s classic Walk in the Woods about hiking the Appalachian Trail, you’ll know that he’s as informative as he is funny.

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6) River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, Peter Hessler
A revealing and fascinating glimpse into Chinese life as lived outside the metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai. Hessler, the noted New Yorker writer and author of Oracle Bones and other books on China, recounts the two years he spent teaching English in a small city on the Yangtze River as the water began to rise behind the massive Three Gorges Dam.

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7) Tender at the Bone, Ruth Reichl
As a young girl, Gourmet Editor-in-Chief Ruth Reichl discovered that “food could be a way of making sense of the world” just through the act of watching people eat. This intelligent and hilarious memoir recalls the experiences and characters who helped shape her tastes, incorporates several of Reichl’s favorite recipes, and reminds us of the simpler pleasures of a destination: delicious food.

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8) All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr
This 2014 bestseller tells the moving tale of a German schoolboy and a blind Parisian girl whose paths inexorably draw them closer during the upheaval of World War II. It’s worth reading for the exquisite evocations of Paris and the Brittany coastal town of Saint-Malo alone, as well as for the life of a boy in Nazi-era Germany.

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9) In a Sunburned Country, Bill Bryson
Here, Bill Bryson turns his talents toward making sense of the country/continent of Australia. He finds that getting his arms around a country that had, at the time of his writing, both the world’s largest casino and some of the world’s emptiest spaces was no easy feat. It’s a revealing read from cover to cover — fascinating, funny, and full of surprises.

Soak in Australia’s incredible scenery and adventurous nature on Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under.

10) Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert
Modern American woman Elizabeth decides to leave the panic and confusion of her life behind to set out on a mesmerizing adventure across three unique countries in search of passion, devotion, and happiness. While this tome isn’t new to anyone’s “must-read” list, we celebrate its 10th anniversary by recalling the book’s overarching message: You’re never done traveling or discovering yourself. With her honest voice and relatable humor, Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us that there’s wonder to be found in each new destination.

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