Art Deco Wonders to See on 2017 and 2018 Vantage Journeys

Art Deco was most popular between 1890 and 1910 but today is still one of the world’s most popular architectural styles among design enthusiasts. Vantage understands the beauty and unique nature of this universally appealing aesthetic, and incorporated cities featuring some of its most iconic destinations into our most popular 2017 and 2018 journeys. Fans will be thrilled to visit cities with a large Art Deco presence, which often lends to an exhilarating and educational travel experience.


Great Northern Discovery: Baltic Capitals & St. Petersburg – 2018

Visit a handful of Art Deco cities on this journey to Copenhagen and Ronne in Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, Bornholm Island, Gdansk and Visby, Poland, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. While in Sweden, visit the world’s greatest collection of Art Nouveau architecture on a tour of Riga, Latvia’s capital. Other Art Deco highlights include visiting Peterhof, known as the “Russian Versailles,” on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.


Splendors of Persia: Art & Culture in Iran – 2018

Iran is full of ancient history, art and cultural wealth. Experience the truly unique Art Deco wonders in Tehran while you check out the National Art Museum and the pavilions of the Qajar and Pahlevi royal families. While there, you will see the pavilions filled with extravagant furnishings, classic cars, priceless paintings, and other treasures amassed by the former shahs.


Cuba: The People & Culture – 2017

Cuba is one of the most significant Art Deco regions, especially its capital city of Havana. Not only will travelers be able to experience the unique Art Deco wonders Cuba has to over, but they can also partake in such highlights as touring the Art Deco city of Havana in a vintage American car.



Southern Aegean Voyage: Athens, Crete & Rhodes – 2017

Greece is a great example of an Art Deco wonder, especially Athens. The unique, natural beauty of Greece’s waters are complemented by its ancient buildings and architecture, which have made it a Mediterranean Art Deco mecca.