Travel Options for “Soft” Retirement

For many Americans, it seems that retirement is becoming “retirement.”

Traditional notions of this part of life are evolving. A study done by Merrill Lynch indicated that almost half of retirees are working or plan on working during retirement. And of those over 50 who haven’t retired yet? A striking 72% say they actually want to keep working after they officially “retire.”

While retirees are more open to the idea of keeping work as a part of their lives, they are more committed than ever to making the most of their retirement years. A study by AARP Travel indicated that an astounding 99% of Baby Boomers planned to travel this year.

In order to balance this desire to work and to travel, Vantage offers those enjoying a “soft retirement” (as it is being called) a choice of shorter yet experience-filled trips designed with them in mind. Here are some Adventures of 10 days or less that our travelers are currently excited about:

We also offer a range of river cruises designed for the “soft” retiree, or travelers just looking for a shorter jaunt across the pond — also 10 days or fewer.

Whether you’re cruising down the Rhine or the Ganges, your journey doesn’t have to be long to be spectacular. Hop on board and see for yourself.