Welcome to Small Ship Cruising on the MY Harmony V

As a traveler, somewhere inside you there’s likely a longing to sail to sunny islands and faraway coastlines, to have the scent of the sea wafting by and warm breezes brushing your skin. Well, good news: Now you can turn that longing into a dream come true.

A little background for you: Over the past few months we’ve been working with our friends and long-time partners at Variety Cruises, the highly respected small ship operator in the Mediterranean, on developing a new series of small ship cruises in the Aegean and Adriatic seas. The result is four voyages to places both profoundly beautiful and deeply historic.

Classic Greek Odyssey — 2017

Greece & the Southern Adriatic Cruise — 2017

Northern Aegean Treasures: Highlights of the Greek Isles — 2017

Southern Aegean Voyage: Athens, Crete & Rhodes — 2017

Reserve any one and before long you’ll find yourself sailing on a sea the color of the sky … stepping ashore to stroll among white-washed buildings clustered along cobblestone lanes … feeling the sun-warmed stones of a ruin left behind by a civilization lost in the mists of time … sharing stories with new friends over a delicious meal and a glass of wine … and finding yourself utterly captivated by the timeless rhythms of the sea. Each cruise is also a fully engaged cultural voyage, giving you opportunities to taste local foods and drink the wine, meet the people, enjoy performances by local musicians, and much more.

Combine Cruises: Sail More, Save More

For a richer, even more profound experience, you also have the ability to choose from three combination cruises, each of which pairs two voyages for a longer, more in-depth exploration of this ancient world (at a considerable savings).

Classic Greece: Hidden Coves, Ancient Glories — 2017

Cruising Greece, Albania, Montenegro & Croatia — 2017

Aegean Odyssey — 2017

Nothing Compares to Exploring by Small Ship

For these new voyages, we’ve chartered (for Vantage customers only) the M/Y Harmony V — a sleek, 50-passenger, yacht-like vessel designed expressly for sailing among the island ports and coastal towns of the eastern Mediterranean.

You’ll quickly discover the many advantages to exploring by a smaller, more nimble ship like this one, beginning with the fact that you’ll dock right at the pier in most destinations. Unlike passengers of larger vessels and big cruise ships who must wait their turn to board a tender for shore, you’ll be able to stroll down the ship’s ramp whenever the whim strikes you, whether for an early morning exercise walk, a mid-afternoon shopping expedition, or an after-dinner visit to a café, nightspot, or theater. That means you can explore as much or as little as you like, which is just perfect for these amazing destinations.

You’ll have your own well-equipped cabin and bathroom on the M/Y Harmony V, of course, so you’ll always have a private retreat. But the nice thing is how easy and relaxing it is to get to know your fellow passengers. The comfortable lounge and open-air sun deck are just the place to sit and chat, enjoy a cocktail with new friends, or relax with a good book. The lounge is also where we gather for lively entertainment by local performers, to listen and learn in our lecture series, and to watch classic films on movie nights.

Vantage travelers have high praise for the food onboard, which includes a daily breakfast buffet, tasty lunches, and dinner menus that feature a choice of regional Mediterranean specialties and international favorites. Wine and beer are complimentary during dinner, soft drinks at any time. You’ll also like the fact that you can enjoy outdoor dining on the covered portion of the open-air Sun Deck. And, as is fitting for a cruise in these sunny waters, you’ll find the atmosphere aboard ship to be easygoing and casual, perfect for getting into an “island state of mind.”

As always, our website is chock full of information to help you decide which cruise is for you!