Visit Fisherman’s Bastion for Breathtaking Views of Budapest

For a unique vantage point on your next trip to Budapest, stop by the Fisherman’s Bastion, which offers breathtaking views of the city known as the “Little Paris of Middle Europe.” This impressive castle-like structure made of white stone runs parallel to the Danube River and is one of many favorite sights on the Gateway to the Black Sea cruise.

Upon first glance at the monument, you’ll feel as if you are heading into a page of a romantic storybook painting. During the Middle Ages, various tradesmen gathered at specific parts of the castle walls to guard it. As a result, it was named to honor the guild of fishermen who were responsible for defending the old stretch of castle wall.

Its architect, Frigyes Schulek, began building it in 1890 and found the best ways to utilize the old castle wall that remained on Castle Hill. Using neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque styles as inspiration, he designed the white, pointed turrets to commemorate the seven Hungarian tribes that conquered the country in the 9th century.

At the entrance, a grand equestrian monument dedicated to the first king of Hungary, Saint Stephen, welcomes you. It’s easy to explore the Fisherman’s Bastion—simply wander around, walk down flights of grand staircases, and peruse its galleries. At the Fisherman’s Bastion Terrace Restaurant, sit down and sip on a coffee or eat a meal as you gaze at the Budapest skyline. Perhaps the restaurant’s Gypsy band will be playing Hungarian favorites that afternoon. As the music plays, don’t forget to look below the skyline for a fantastic view of the Danube’s water and the quaint Margaret Island at its center.

Look out across the rooftops of Pest to the Pest bank, where the domes and spires of the Hungarian Parliament rise. From the terraces, you can also point out other beautiful sites that give Budapest its stunning charms, including the Elizabeth Bridge, the neo-classical Chain Bridge, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences building. Peer out to pinpoint the 1960s high-rise buildings and Gellert Hill’s dolomite rocks.

Vantage Travel’s Gateway to the Black Sea cruise takes you right to this favorite city viewing point, a fairy tale-like place that continues to awe its visitors. The Fisherman’s Bastion features some of the most ornate terraces built and are perfectly positioned to show off the beautiful cityscape of Budapest, one of the prettiest cities in Eastern Europe.