The Heurigen of Vienna: Wine, Song, and Traditional Fun

A good time in Austria often involves celebrating with friends at a local heurigen. These traditional Vienna wine taverns are named for the late grape harvest wines that are served there — and which grow within the city limits of Vienna in the Neustift am Walde district. Of the many popular heuriger here, the most famous is Heurigen Wolff, where you will always find delicious wine, music, and plenty of gemütlichkeit, which loosely translated means a warm, contented, and cheerful time. On Vantage’s Majestic Rivers of Europe river cruise, there’s plenty of all three to go around.

Welcome to Heurigen Wolff

Heurigen Wolff is one of the oldest and most romantic of the Vienna wine taverns, founded in 1609. With its cheerful yellow stucco facade, twinkling lights, and flower-filled grounds, it sets the mood for a happy time the moment you arrive. Many heurigen will hang boughs of conifers or fir above the doorway to indicate that they are open and ready to welcome you. The food is simple, hearty, and homemade: Your taste buds will sing as you sample the traditional cheese spreads, freshly roasted pork loin and sausages, seasoned sauerkraut, various types of kartoffelsalat (potato salad), and of course, strudel made from locally sourced ingredients. All washed down, of course, with the heuriger’s own Vienna wine.

The Wolff wine tavern offers guests an additional treat: live entertainment. Costumed performers will invite you to join in as they sing and dance popular Viennese waltzes, polkas, and songs from operettas such as “The Gipsy Baron,” “The Bat,” and “The Merry Widow.”

The village is a short ride from the center of Vienna and offers a lovely contrast to the urban scene with its cobbled lanes and lush vineyards. Heurigen Wolff is the venue for Vantage’s optional Heurigen Evening tour.