Raise your glasses to the perfect girls’ trip!

As author and wine expert Jennifer Rosen once said, “Wine is for sharing. What’s the fun of swirling, swishing, sloshing, and yakking if my friends can’t join in?” So whether you’re traveling alone to discover new friends or planning a ladies’ trip with old friends, make sure you have something delicious to toast with on your next journey. But where to? While there are a few obvious destinations for wine tasting and sightseeing (here’s looking at you, Italy), we decided to widen our search for the perfect ladies’ trip.



Round up the girls and set off on The Douro: Portugal’s River of Gold & Spain. In addition to its fascinating culture, the Douro Valley is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. The grapes grown in this area have unique characteristics that result in wine of unequaled color, flavor, and richness. If you’re a Port wine fan, look no further.

Join us on a special harvest departure of this incredible journey for an even deeper look into the viticulture of this area; you’ll enjoy activities such as exclusive wine tastings and tours, a full-day harvest celebration, and a demonstration on the correct method for decanting a fine vintage Port wine. Don’t miss one of these limited-space 2017 departure dates: September 2, 16 or 23; or October 7 or 14.


Europe: Switzerland, France and Germany

Step into a fairytale during Switzerland & the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle as you explore the scenic Rhine and Moselle river valleys. You’ll cover a lot of European ground without the hassle of travel (thank, you inventor of the river cruise). During your explorations, you’ll embark on a full-day tour of France’s Alsatian Wine Route, enjoy a walking tour and tasting in the famed wine-growing town city of Bernkastel, Germany, and delve into the remarkable wine culture of this picturesque region. If flowery Rieslings call you name, this trip is sure to delight.

Embark on a harvest departure of this trip and enjoy special features such as tastings of distinctive regional wines with an onboard sommelier and grape picking at a renowned vineyard in addition to this already magically itinerary. Don’t miss one of these limited-space 2017 departure dates: September 6, 20 or October 4.



For a true adventure, roll out the red carpet for Chile & Argentina President’s Adventure: Patagonian Wonders & Cosmopolitan Capitals, an exclusive trip highlighting the best of South America’s southernmost countries. Chile also has a long, proud viticulture history you won’t want to miss out on; join our special pre-trip extension and explore the delicious wines of Chile in the heart of the Colchagua Valley for even more adventure! You’ll explore the history of wine-growing in this gorgeous valley as you tour several wineries, savor special regional tastings, and even get the opportunity to be “winemaker for a day,” as you concoct your own blend at a valley winery! This trip is perfect for those with an adventurous heart (and palate).