Millennials, Meet the River Cruise

The benefits of river cruising are endless for travelers, regardless of age. So why is it that the average age of a river cruise traveler is 65? New studies are showing that younger travelers are showing just as much interest (if not more) in river cruising as other generations are. So if you’re a young traveler and looking for your next (or first) big trip, consider the following perks of river cruising:

1) Travel in luxury
Younger travelers are always on the lookout for the best deal, and therefore tend to shy away from the word “luxury” when planning a trip. However, while a cheap plane ticket or hostel stay might look good on your next paycheck, it can cost you a good experience. River cruising combines the excitement of travel with the luxury of a ship under one price. With features like onboard massages and spa treatments, personalized service from the staff, and a clean, safe room to stay in between excursions, the benefits of a cruise ship can be hard to pass up. Remove the exhaustion factor from traveling and replace it with a little “R&R”? Yes, please.

2) Reap the rewards of “all-inclusive”
The charm of the all-inclusive trip is obvious: less planning, more cost-efficient. This is true of luxury river cruises as well; with top-notch accommodations, meals, and sightseeing included in your price, a river cruise is a far better value than trying to arrange a trip a la carte, especially if you’re new to the destination.

3) Enjoy a balance of leisure time
While a planned itinerary looks good to some travelers, it can seem like a restriction to others. Younger travelers like to have time to wander around a destination and really experience it for themselves. With river cruising, you can customize your experience by balancing included shore excursions with leisure time. Grab a complimentary onboard bike for a spin along the river, explore (or relax) at your own pace, or ask your cruise staff for recommendations on food, shopping, and sightseeing during free time.

4) One trip, multiple destinations
River cruising is the perfect way to cover a lot of ground on one trip without spending all your time transferring between stops. Traveling on a river cruise is like bringing your hotel room with you to each new place; you only unpack just once, but your passport can get stamped in multiple countries. This is especially great for first-time travelers; when picking a trip, you have the opportunity to see a variety of destinations rather than choose between them.

5) Enjoy the ride (for a change)
Let’s face it, when you’re traveling for an extended period of time by airplane, bus, or train, you’re probably spending your time attempting to get comfortable as you count down the minutes until you arrive at your destination. River Cruising, on the other hand, gives you a chance to actually enjoy the journey as much as the destinations. Even during your time on the ship, you’re seeing and experiencing new things. The chefs are cooking regional dishes, the scenery is easily enjoyed from multiple locations on board (hello, sun deck!), and Vantage’s onboard Cruise Director and Concierge give you personalized service and insight into your destinations.

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