Let’s go to the movies!

The Best Picture flub at the 2017 Oscars ceremony grabbed the headlines a few weeks ago. It also helped underscore the fact that there are a lot of excellent movies out there, and that it’s always a treat to catch up on films you’ve missed and to revisit some classics. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that the onboard infotainment system of each ship in Vantage’s Deluxe European river fleet will soon feature this year’s best picture runner-up, La La Land, as well as Best Actor winner Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea. Each ship’s movie library contains at least 100 choices, with something for everyone, from cinema classics and romantic comedies to dramas, action flicks, and documentaries.

Among the selections are films related to the places you can visit. That means, for example, you can watch An American in Paris while on our Seine River itinerary, or view classic films about World War II while exploring the valley of the Rhine. Here are a few other films that will add a little something extra to your Vantage journey, arranged by ship. (Click on each ship to see which itineraries it travels.)


ms River Venture: Cruising the Seine River

Settle onboard the ms River Venture for our ever-popular Seine cruises, Culinary Delights & Historical Treasures on the Seine for 2017 and France Culinary Delights: Paris to Normandy in 2018. If you’ve got a visit to Paris on your list, in addition to An American in Paris, you can enjoy the romantic charmer Amelie or the thriller From Paris With Love. You don’t have to be a fan of chanteuse Edith Piaf to be utterly captivated by the music and the culture of Bohemian Paris portrayed in the stunning La Vie en Rose. Paris of the past is also featured in the kaleidoscopic Moulin Rouge, complete with big stars and can-can dancers. Music and song — and more stars — are also the vehicle for telling the story of the French Revolution in the blockbuster Les Misérables. And if the culinary features, including cooking demonstrations, tastings, and cocktail presentations on our Seine cruises are inspiring you, you’re not the first. Click to Julie and Julia for the delightful story of Julia Child’s discovery of French cuisine, and how she unlocked its secrets for the American kitchen.


ms River Voyager: Cruising the Rhine, Main, Danube, and Moselle rivers, as well as the waterways of Holland and Belgium.

As befits a ship that cruises Europe’s major rivers and a total of 10 countries, traveling on the ms River Voyager opens up endless possibilities for cinematic inspiration. Cruise through the Rhineland on Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales, and you can delve into the history of World War II, with such classics as Schindler’s List and A Bridge too Far, as just two examples. Or imagine what it will be like to view Francis Ford Coppola’s spooky Bram Stoker’s Dracula while cruising the Danube through Romania on Passage to Eastern Europe. We’ve also stocked excellent travel documentaries about the Rhine and Danube rivers that delve into the history and culture of the countries through which they flow. They’re a great way to supplement your daily explorations.


ms River Splendor: Cruising the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers, and the waterways of Holland and Belgium.

Join us aboard the ms River Splendor for Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring, and you’ll be near the site of some of the most significant stories of World War II, which you can explore in films like Anne Frank and The Battle of the Bulge. You can also board the ms River Splendor for Grand European Sojourn, which touches on no less than eight countries as it follows the Rhine, Main, and Danube. Delve further into the story of the war in Europe with the recent Monuments Men, about the effort to save Europe’s artistic treasures, or the classic The Bridge at Remagen, which recounts how American GIs captured the one bridge across the Rhine not destroyed by retreating Germans. For a closer look at the history and culture of Holland, as well as a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at river locks, the excellent Burt Wolf Travels and Traditions: Cruising the Netherlands is also available in the ms River Splendor’s movie selections, along with informative documentaries about the history, culture, and cuisine of Germany and Austria, and along the Danube.

Meanwhile, if a destination can inspire a film, perhaps a film can inspire a destination. If any of the movies mentioned above pique your interest, queue it up at home — it may give you just the impetus you need to join us aboard one of our Deluxe river vessels for your first — or next — Vantage European river cruise!