History of Meissen Porcelain and Chinese Porcelain: Differences & Similarities

Meissen porcelain and Chinese porcelain come from two vastly different countries – Germany and China- but the Chinese mastered the art of porcelain production long before the West did. Since porcelain originated in China, and proto-porcelain dates back to 1600-1046 BC, it has essentially become the staple of Chinese art. However, the Meissen factory was developed in 1710 and became known for creating once-fired, or green-fired porcelain with a resistance to thermal shock. Monarchs considered Meissen porcelain as prestigious as white gold. The town of Meissen, Germany has been producing Meissen porcelain for over 300 years and is regarded as Europe’s first and oldest continuously running porcelain maker. Before the Meissen porcelain factory opened, all of Europe’s porcelain was imported from China. Below are the differences between Meissen porcelain and Chinese porcelain.

Meissen Porcelain

  • Created in 1700s
  • Once-fired, or green-fired
  • Known for delicate figurines
  • First hard-paste porcelain

Chinese Porcelain

  • Dates back to 1600-1046 BC
  • Soft-paste porcelain
  • Made of clays, feldspar or flint


  • Both fired at around 1400°C (2550°F)

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