C’mon get happy: How to enjoy the World’s Happiest Countries with Vantage

Travel is all about joy: the joy of discovering new places, of meeting new people, of experiencing new cultures. So doesn’t it make sense to seek out the happiness places on Earth for your next journey? Travel with Vantage and discover the nine happiest countries in the world, according to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report!

9, 8. Australia & New Zealand
Australia’s immaculate beaches, warm temperatures, and natural marvels make it a popular destination for visitors. Consistently winning spots on “best places to live” lists and similar rankings, Australia is exotic yet modern and approachable — and New Zealand, while a new addition to such lists, features much of the same natural splendor and cultural allure, with an identity of its own. You’ll get to experience the best of both countries on Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under as you explore the streets of Queenstown, swim with the fish of the Great Barrier Reef, and more.

7. The Netherlands
Amazing landscapes picture-perfect for artists, unforgettable cheeses, a liberal culture, and bicycling opportunities have landed the Netherlands the seventh spot on the happiness list. On Rhine Getaway, you can cruise the gorgeous Rhine River, explore the canals (and cuisine) of Amsterdam, and immerse yourself into the storied past of cities like Cologne and Strasbourg. This spirited country is the perfect mix of charming past and artistic present.

6. Canada
Along with a high life expectancy and easygoing lifestyle, Canada abounds with gorgeous scenery. You won’t find a better way to envelope yourself in the beauty of our neighbor to the north than aboard our Canadian Rail Adventure & The Rockies adventure as you journey from Vancouver to Toronto past rolling ranch lands, snowcapped mountains, and crystal-clear lakes.

5. Finland
Covered in exquisite forests and sparkling waterways, Finland is a natural utopia. Consistently ranked among countries with the highest quality of life and most peaceful countries, it’s no surprise this scenic country holds spot number five. Full of exciting cities and remarkable architecture, Finish residents enjoy modern urbanity while being surrounded by lush natural beauty; whether indoors or out, there is always something new to discover. You can get pretty darn close to Finland as you venture north of the Arctic Circle on Coastal Norway: The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage.

4. Norway
The UN’s fourth-happiest country boasts scenery so inspiring and splendid that it’s known as “the world’s most beautiful voyage.” Journey with us on Coastal Norway to observe some truly spectacular sights (including a possible sighting of the Northern Lights!) While each season has its own array of natural marvels, you’ll enjoy views of majestic fjords, jagged mountain peaks, and gorgeous skies year round.

3. Iceland
Citizens of Iceland enjoy a unique combination of eclectic culture and natural magnificence, as well as relatively low income tax, free health care, and free higher education to its citizens. Rich in legends and draped in beauty, Iceland is a land full of adventure. Discover poetry-inspiring landscapes and spirited, charming villages on our Iceland: Fire, Sea, & Ice adventure.

2. Switzerland
Spot number two goes to the soaring hills and shimmering lakes of Switzerland. The majority of citizens are multi-multilingual, with most understanding German, French, and English. Swiss citizens also enjoy a world-class education system, healthy public finances, and an incredible average life expectancy of 82.8. Tour (and taste) you way through the winegrowing town of Bernkastel, the historic Reichsburg Castle, and more on our scenic Rhine & Moselle journey.

1. Denmark
With an average life expectancy of 80, a plethora of historic harbors and towns, and progressive politics, it’s no wonder that Denmark tops the list of happiest countries in the world. Add in an ever-evolving culinary movement, an incredible spread of art and culture, and a passionate spirit shared by all who live there, and you’ve got yourself one happy country. Karin Jans, a Vantage regional expert who studied in Denmark, brings that Danish spirit with her on every new adventure. Her deep appreciation for natural beauty and knack for forming cultural connections help her to bring each new destination to life for fellow travelers. You can learn more about Karin here.