Bergen, Norway: A Quaint and Colorful Seaside Town

Begin and end your next Norwegian coast cruise in Bergen, Norway, a coastal port where city sophistication and village charm coexist.

Bryggen Wharf District: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bergen has something to offer to every traveler, much of it centered within the old harbor area and its wharf district known as Bryggen. The center of Bergen since the 12th century, it reached its heyday between the 14th and 18th centuries, when the merchants of the Hanseatic league enriched the city with their commercial and personal wealth. A highly developed network comprised of many merchant guilds, the league thrived across several northern European nations and had its own laws and armies whose job it was to serve merchants as they traveled on their trade routes. You can learn about their influence at the Hanseatic Museum, one of the oldest and best preserved wooden buildings in Bergen. Furnished in 18th-century style, this museum provides an intimate picture of the life of a Hanseatic merchant with its intriguing wooden beds that are built into the walls, and other realistic displays of a traveling merchant’s accommodations. For a glimpse of the more remote past, stroll along a historic walk that, in addition to showcasing further detail on Hanseatic life, will take you past an ancient Viking ship and a host of historic courtyards and alleys. Contemporary Bergen entices with its colorfully painted wooden houses and wide streets lined with restaurants, artists’ studios, craftsmen’s workshops, and small boutiques.

Haakon’s Hall and Meeting Point

Bergen also offers several other museums such as Haakon’s Hall, which was a royal residence and banqueting hall in the 13th century; and the Meeting Point, which boasts a labyrinth of distinct wooden buildings with pointed gables facing onto the harbor. There are also gardens full of statues and monuments, and a variety churches with widely diverse architectural designs.

On Vantage Travel’s Grand Norwegian Coastal Voyage, you can begin and end your Norwegian voyage in this vibrant town that truly offers a bit of everything. From its fascinating, full history to its vibrant present, Bergen, Norway, is certain to captivate and inspire you!

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