Embark on an Avian Adventure

Birdwatching (also known as birding) has become hugely popular in recent years, even ranking above day hiking as a popular activity in the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment conducted by the U.S. Forest Service.

More and more, birders are traveling abroad to experience sought-after avian species. So Vantage has crafted several of our adventures to feature a captivating collection of birds. Plus, expert naturalists are along to point out the most impressive species – especially the ones that are hardest to spot.

When you travel On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania: Up Close with the Big Five, you’ll get to see a range of fascinating mammals, as well as some of the more than 400 bird species that call Amboseli National Park home, including the Madagascar Pond-Heron, the Lesser Flamingo, and the Shoebill.

On Exploring the Treasures of Peru, scan the skies for the majestic condor, while Iceland: Fire, Sea & Ice keep an eye out for the rare Atlantic puffin. Legendary Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands might introduce you to the blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, and terns, while Across Patagonia: Chile’s Lakes, Mountains & Wildlife showcases black-chested buzzard eagles and Magellanic and Humboldt penguins.

No matter where you go, you can be sure that your Vantage adventure will offer thrilling discoveries of the avian world. Join us, and find out for yourself what makes these adventures so exciting, especially for birdwatchers.