Don’t Understand Aussie Slang? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered.

The United States and Australia were both part of the British Empire at one time, so it makes sense that they share a common language. While the Aussies speak English, as do Americans, they have put their own unique spin on the language (unsurprisingly, as Aussies are fun and creative bunch).

Words and phrases like “G’day” and “mate” are well-known examples, but there are quite a few others that aren’t as famous in the northern hemisphere. Here are some of our favorites, which you will no doubt hear on our popular Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under:

Chockers: very full, as in “chock full”
In a sentence: “I was absolutely chockers after that meal we had!”

Avro: This is a modified version of afternoon
In a sentence: “What are you up to this avro?”

Dunny: The bathroom
In a sentence: “Can you tell me where the dunny is, mate?”

Togs: Swimsuit
In a sentence: “Heading to the beach today? Be sure to bring your togs – the water’s great.”

How are you going?: This phrase is essentially the Aussie version of “How are you doing?” It’s meant to check in on how you are, not how you are getting somewhere.
In a sentence: “G’day! How are you going?”

No worries: This can mean “That’s okay” or “you’re welcome”
In a sentence: “No worries, mate! It was my pleasure.”

Sweet as: This is equivalent to “awesome” in the United States. The word “as” is sometimes added to words as a form of emphasis, so this will work for other words as well.
In a sentence: “That Australia & New Zealand adventure was sweet as!”