Solos travel for free on many trip extensions!

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to miss out on additional discoveries at a great value. Vantage’s pre- and post-trip extensions make it easy for you to explore another city or country—sometimes for free! It’s great way to lower your per-day trip cost and add another stamp onto your passport. Here are some of our best values:

If you’ve got China on your wish list, you can join us for Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River with no Single Supplement, then extend to Tokyo, again without paying a supplement. Or sign up for Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under, and add on the Melbourne & Ayers Rock extension, with no Single Supplement from start to finish of your trip. On that journey, the free Single Supplement is valued at $1,799 on the main trip and $599 for the extension, adding up to just under $2,400 savings — and a private room. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t like sticker shock any more than you do, so when we do have to charge a Single Supplement, we keep it as low as possible.

Here are just some Vantage Adventures with FREE Single Supplements on the extensions. One caveat: We can usually offer just one free Single Supplement per departure, and it’s strictly first-come, first-served, so you’ll want to act quickly to take advantage of it.

Highlights of India & the Ganges River

4-day extension to Varanasi, India — Single Supplement reduced: Just $199
5-day extension to Kathmandu, Nepal — Single Supplement reduced: Just $349

Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River

4-Day Extension to Tokyo, Japan — FREE Single Supplement
3-Day Extension to Shanghai, China — FREE Single Supplement

Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia

5-day Extension to Cape Town, South Africa — FREE Single Supplement

On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania: Up Close with the Big Five

4-day Extension to Sweetwaters Tented Camp, Kenya — FREE Single Supplement

Israel & Jordan: Cultural Mosaics & the Holy Land

3-day Extension to Amman, Jordan — FREE Single Supplement
3-day Extension to Tel Aviv, Israel — FREE Single Supplement

Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under

5-Day Extension to Melbourne & Ayers Rock — FREE Single Supplement

More on how we give you the best value

Regardless of whether you’re traveling solo or sharing, where and when to go are most likely your first considerations. Because, let’s face it, value counts. And for those traveling single, the magic words having to do with cost are “Single Supplement.” That’s the amount that a single traveler will pay over and above the standard “per person, double occupancy,” or “ppdo” rate. It can be listed as either a dollar amount or a percentage. So the lower the better — and no Single Supplement at all is best .

A quick word of explanation: Most travel companies and cruise lines price their trips based on the cost of two people splitting a room. At its simplest, if two people share a cabin on a cruise ship room and each pay $100 a night, the cruise line is collecting $200 for the room. A portion of that amount goes to pay for meals, service, and other amenities, but that’s the basic idea. If one person takes the cabin, that passenger pays the $100, plus a Single Supplement charge to help make up for the revenue lost without the extra person. That’s the Single Supplement — say 50% of the ppdo price, or $50 in this example. To the single traveler, that may seem unfair. The cruise line’s response will be that they’re only charging $150 for a $200 room, but that’s another story. But Vantage is one of the very few companies to design our ships with single cabins—meaning, for most part, you’ll pay the same as someone traveling in a dual cabin.

No matter whether you’re traveling on a Vantage Adventure, on which we offer a FREE Single Supplement on almost every departure of our small group land tours, or whether you’re reserving one of these solo River Cruise cabins, we’ve got the best value and experience for you. So why not try both!