Adventure like these famous explorers!

Famous explorers such as Hiram Bingham and David Livingstone have made their mark in history for pioneering as discovery mavericks. These great men had an adventurous spirit and set out into the unknown to make trailblazing discoveries. Now in that same spirit, you can make discoveries with us on a Vantage Adventure! From Sir Edmund Hillary’s first ascent of Mount Everest, to Livingstone’s exploration of Africa, here are some fascinating stories to get you inspired:


Hiram Bingham – Peru

American Hiram Bingham, the face of Vantage’s Explorer’s Club, was the first to make Machu Picchu public in 1911 after most of the world believed it was a lost city. Bingham later became a politician in Connecticut, serving as a member of the United States Senate. On Vantage’s Legendary Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands journey in 2017 and 2018, or Around the World 2017 or 2018 enjoy two tours of the region Bingham rediscovered all those years ago.


David Livingstone – Africa

David Livingstone’s mission was to spread Christianity to Africa, as well as abolish slavery—but he also discovered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls (he named it after Queen Victoria) along the way. In 1856, the Scottish-born Livingstone made it to Zambezi, becoming the first European to cross southern Africa. Explore Africa just as Livingstone did on Vantage’s Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia journey, taking the opportunity to honor Livingstone by walking through Victoria Falls National Park.


Vasco da Gama – India

Portugal-born explorer Vasco da Gama was a pioneer of the Age of Exploration, and the first European to sail directly to India. His mission was to create an open-sea route from Europe to the Far East. He returned to Portugal a hero, and went on to travel to India twice more before dying there in 1524. Visit India on Vantage’s Timeless India: A Magical Adventure in 2018, or Spotlight on Northern India in 2018, where you can discover the wonders of India in a small group.


Christopher Columbus – America

Italy-born explorer Christopher Columbus will go down in history for “discovering” the Americas for the Spanish crown’s glory, though many settlers were already there. Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean looking for a direct route to Asia, leading the Niña, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. He started in Spain and stumbled across the Americas instead. On Vantage’s Canyonlands of the American Southwest, or America’s Majestic National Parks, Canyonlands & Monuments, experience for yourself his amazing discovery!


Sir Edmund Hillary – Mount Everest

New Zealand-born Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to reach the peak of Mount Everest in 1953, along with fellow mountaineer Tenzing Norgay. Hillary was also one of the first to climb Mount Herschel in 1967 during an Antarctic expedition. On Vantage’s Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River journey, see Mount Everest for yourself, as well as the beautiful Indus, Mekong, and Yangtze rivers that flow amongst its peaks.


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