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These Multi-Country Adventures Will Put your Passport to Work

What avid traveler doesn’t love getting stamps in their passport?…

Beyond the "Big Five"

The game parks of Africa are renowned for its stunning variety…

Elephant Hills Golf Club: a Safari on the Greens

Golfers are aware that there can be obstacles on the course. When golfing in Africa at Elephant Hills Golf Club, that can mean elephants on the fairway.

The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania

The Maasai of Africa, with their red and blue robes and cattle herds, are icons of African culture whose semi-nomadic lifestyle is under threat.

Charm and Viticulture Thrive in the Cape Winelands

Set in a valley amid the Hottentots Holland Mountains of South Africa, the Cape Winelands area is the heart of the country's flourishing wine industry.

The Serengeti: Iconic Africa at its Finest

When you think of the quintessential African safari, chances are, the landscape you imagine is the Serengeti.

African Safari Celebrates Nelson Mandela

Travelers on Vantage African safari visit Nelson Mandela home in Johannesburg, South Africa

The African Safari and Beyond: Best Outings to Explore Southeast Africa

Though going on an African safari and spotting the "Big Five" is on the bucket lists of many travelers, Southeast Africa has so much more to offer.