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Meet Your Cruise Director—new videos!

Regardless of your destination, you can always count on Vantage to help you create lasting connections. Connections with the cultures you experience, with the locals you meet – we want every day to be more memorable than the last. And no one is better at creating these connections than our Vantage Cruise Directors. Each Vantage […]

First-time river cruiser finds fun, food & friendship

When you picture a millennial traveling the world, I’m sure giant backpacks and selfie sticks spring to mind. And though I don’t deny that young travelers fit that description more often than not, at their core, millennials crave the same thing all travelers do: to experience the world. The “how” may differ, the “when” may […]

Just why is it called Easter Island? Read the history & mystery

While on Vantage’s Across Patagonia: Chile’s Lakes, Mountains & Wildlife journey, extend your adventure to Easter Island. One of the most exotic destinations in the world, Easter Island is a Chilean territory that was annexed in 1888 and is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean at the most southern point of the Polynesian Triangle. The volcanic […]

Just for you: The Top 5 reasons to visit Dubai on our NEW trip

There’s nothing as exciting or enriching as experiencing a culture or landscape than different from one’s normal day-to-day routine—which is why Product Marketing Director Carley Thornell was especially happy to travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Now, Vantage has some exciting news for travelers like you: the first announcement of our brand-new Arabian Adventure in […]

Surely you jest: April Fools’ Day jokes around the world

It’s said laughter is the best medicine, and it’s no surprise to see this edict is shared across dozens of cultures—otherwise why would April Fools’ Day be such a popular celebration across the world? Traditions vary by culture, but no matter where you travel, there’s something to tickle someone’s funny bone everywhere, including: United Kingdom […]