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Group Leader finds history, culture, and companionship in Cuba

Discover the remarkable land of Cuba through the lens of Vantage Group Leader Sara Stanton. Sara got her start in group travel assembling high school track team trips to Disney World years ago; today, she coordinates several journeys a year to destinations around the world. Recently returned from her latest Vantage adventure Cuba: The People […]

Meet your Concierge: Free deluxe service, before and during your trip awaits…

Looking for reservations at an award-winning restaurant? Suggestions for a memorable night out to celebrate an anniversary? Tickets to a concert or soccer match? We’re on it! You’ll have access to our complimentary Deluxe Concierge Services soon as you reserve a European River Cruise with Vantage. Simply make your request through your personal MyPortfolio account […]

History of Meissen Porcelain and Chinese Porcelain: Differences & Similarities

Meissen porcelain and Chinese porcelain come from two vastly different countries – Germany and China- but the Chinese mastered the art of porcelain production long before the West did. Since porcelain originated in China, and proto-porcelain dates back to 1600-1046 BC, it has essentially become the staple of Chinese art. However, the Meissen factory was developed […]

Floating Islands? That’s just the beginning in Peru…

Peru is home to one of the world’s most iconic landmarks—Machu Picchu—but do you know all the other spectacular Peru destinations Vantage Adventures can take you to in 2017? On Exploring the Treasures of Peru, you can explore the lesser-known jewels of this country, including the floating isles of Uros, the beautiful colonial buildings of […]