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What Heat? What Crowds? The “Secret Season” for the New York Times’ Top Summer Destinations

The New York Times Travel section just identified five destinations that are seeing a big surge in travelers this summer. No surprise, Vantage travelers have been exploring most of these hot spots for years. Here’s a tip, though: summer is often not the best time to go, for all the usual reasons — the heat, […]

Celebrate 20 years with … Asia?
One Couple’s Unforgettable Anniversary Trip to China

Ric Faust and Doyle Tobin were about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. When Ric was researching the gift that goes with two decades of marriage, he discovered to his surprise that it was china. The porcelain, not the country. But the idea was already in his head. He came home to Doyle and asked: […]

Remembering Their Service

In observance of Memorial Day, we’re re-running a Vantage Viewpoints article from August 2016. It’s by Vantage Founder and CEO Henry Lewis and tells the story of his father’s part in the D-Day landings, and afterwards. He also describes how he came full circle by taking his own children to the spot where his father’s […]

Follow us to the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

Aurora There are few experiences more memorable than watching the dazzling colors of the Northern Lights dance across the Arctic Sky, and there are few destinations to better enjoy them from than Norway. While scientists will tell you the Aurora is caused by particles colliding in the atmosphere, Norwegians simply describe it as the most […]