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7 surprising things you didn’t know about an Africa adventure

Bird, birds, birds Though the Big Five often get top billing, Africa is a birder’s paradise. The continent’s wildlife wonderlands – especially Kruger in South Africa and the Rift Valley in Kenya – are teeming with a variety of species, including the colorful flamingo, the ostrich (the world’s largest bird), the kori bustard (the heaviest […]

Meet your Cruise Director
Watch your expert guides come to life in our new videos

Our video team has been busy overseas interviewing Cruise Directors from our European River Cruises to post on our website. We thought you might like a sneak preview at a few that we’ll be posting soon.   Jessica Csonka “I grew up in Mainz, Germany,” says Jessica Csonka, “which is near where the Main and […]

New UNESCO list includes four sites on Vantage’s Adriatic Cruises

When the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) wrapped up its annual World Heritage Committee meeting in July, one of the newly named World Heritage Sites, “Venetian Works of Defense between 16th and 17th centuries: Stato da Terra — western Stato da Mar” — encompassed four ports of call on Vantage’s Croatia & […]

Shop ’til you drop with Vantage

You’ll undoubtedly make memories on any Vantage trip. But how about something tangible you can bring home, or share with friends? Our shopping opportunities with trusted local vendors bring you the most authentic local crafts—many of which are handmade—at the best value. Just check out the Tours & Shopping links on all of our trip’s […]

Where power meets beauty: Explore the world’s most incredible waterfalls

There is something about waterfalls that enthralls us. For some, it’s the sheer power that inspires awe, while for others a cascade’s graceful arc and mist-shrouded descent is what makes it so mesmerizing. Whatever the reason, these natural marvels are often a highlight of an adventure with Vantage. Here’s a sampling of the waterfalls you […]

Miami — closer to Cuba than ever

Product curator Ignacio “Nacho” Eiras shares why you shouldn’t miss out on our new trip extension. What’s the most intriguing city in the United States? My vote goes to Miami. For the past few months, I’ve been shuttling between Miami and Cuba, putting final touches on Vantage’s Cuba adventures for 2018. It’s given me time […]